The connection between our hotel and cinema has been clear from the very first days. The great excitement surrounding the arrival of cinema in our city could be seen in the faces of the people who would pass by our entrance hall, curiously glancing into the large windows trying to spot a famous face.

In the 1960's, the western genre had a close relationship with Almería, known as the golden age of film for that genre in Spain. Besides providing comfortable lodging in the city centre, it offered its facilities as a film set when needed.

Hotel Costasol is located at Avda. Principal de Almería, the ideal place to visit the city. Situated just 500 metres from the Cathedral of Almería, only a 5 minute walk from the sports pier and quite close to the spectacular beaches. And rounding off this excellent location, the hotel is less than 900 metres from the train and bus stations.

Many film personalities have honoured us with their presence over the last 50 years and we are proud of this yet it makes our other guests who choose to make their dreams of some unforgettable holidays come true no less important! Thank you!

If you spend your holidays with us, you'll enjoy Almería's wonderful climate with 3000 sun hours, its rich landscape, culture and gastronomy, and a stay at Hotel Costasol where you can enjoy beauty treatments, a free Wi-Fi connection, and much more. Your unforgettable holidays are waiting for you at Hotel Costasol Almería!

The Unicaja Foundation organises a Film Director Meet and Greet Cycle which has been held for more than a decade in Almería. The Hotel Costasol provides the “official accommodation” for guests attending the event like Fernando Trueba, Agustín Díaz Yanes, Gerardo Olivares, Emilio Martínez Lázaro, Ray Loriga…. Don't miss out on the opportunity! Come have the kind of stay they have had!




Experience the ten thousand ways to get lost in the beautiful province of Almeria; its 3,000 hours of light, its magnificent climate, its landscape, cultural and gastronomic richness; and above all its diversity.



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